How To Update Y1 Smartwatch

Here are some steps to update the Y1 Smartwatch:

  1. Check the current firmware version of your Y1 Smartwatch by going to Settings > About Watch > Firmware Version.
    source: XDA Forums
  2. Search for the latest firmware version of the Y1 Smartwatch on the internet.
  3. Download the firmware file and extract it on your computer.

source: XDA Forums

  1. Connect your Y1 Smartwatch to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Transfer the firmware file to your Y1 Smartwatch.
  3. Disconnect the Y1 Smartwatch from your computer and make sure it has enough battery.
  1. Go to Settings > About Watch > Firmware Update on your Y1 Smartwatch.
  2. Select the firmware file you transferred earlier and start the update process.
  3. Wait for the update process to complete, which may take several minutes.
  1. Once the update is done, your Y1 Smartwatch will restart automatically.
  2. Check the firmware version again to make sure it has been updated successfully.

Note: The above steps may vary depending on the specific Y1 Smartwatch model and firmware version. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any issues.


Additional Information – How To Update Y1 Smartwatch

How to Update Y1 Smartwatch

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To begin, you must connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth. To do this, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Then, tap the App and select SmartWatch. Once the two devices are connected, the Smartwatch will display a symbol on your watch dial. After a short time, the time will be synchronized to the settings on your phone. To update Y1 smartwatch, follow these steps.

Next, open the App and pair the watch to your iPhone using Bluetooth. To do this, open the App. Your watch will display the current software version, mac address, and Bluetooth pairing request. You can also use the App to control your camera and phone. Once connected, you’ll see your new apps, your watch’s mac address, and the software version. Depending on the device, it may even allow you to view notifications on your phone.

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