Where Are The Puma Shoe Factories Located?

Here are the relevant points and sources:

  • Puma is a global brand that produces shoes in various countries around the world.
  • According to Puma’s sustainability report, as of 2020, the company operates 14 owned or operated factories and 98 external suppliers in 35 countries.
  • Some of the countries where Puma operates factories or has external suppliers include:
    • China
    • Vietnam
    • Indonesia
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Brazil
    • Turkey
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • United States
  • The specific locations of Puma factories and suppliers are not publicly disclosed for security reasons.

Therefore, while the specific locations of Puma factories and suppliers are not publicly disclosed, we know that Puma operates factories and has suppliers in 35 countries around the world, including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Germany, and the United States.

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Where Are PUMA Shoes Manufactured?

PUMA has made a public company out of their athletic and fashion brands since 1986. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and is a part of the Kering group, a French luxury goods group. Its majority shareholders are Groupe Artemis, a Swiss conglomerate that also owns the famous polo shirts. Founded in 1896 by a former football professional, the company now has a global presence and is primarily known for its sneakers, boots, and apparel. Some of the most popular shoes are based on sport, and the brand has been a sponsor of many professional sportsmen and athletes including Michael Schumacher, Colin Jackson, and Pele.

Today, the company is the third largest manufacturer of athletic apparel and footwear in the world. It was founded in 1924 by Rudolf Dassler, who had no business background before beginning his business. He started the company in his mother’s laundry room, sometimes using the pedal power of a stationary bicycle to do the work. He eventually branched out to form Adidas, based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

In 1924, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was formed. It was the only sportswear manufacturer in the world, so they started in their mother’s laundry room. The production began in a shed in their mother’s house, sometimes even with the help of a stationary bicycle. In 1927, they moved their production to a separate building. During this time, Puma sponsored Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who won the Olympics in 1952.

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