How To Tell If Your Puma Shoe Is Authentic

Here are some ways to tell if your Puma shoe is authentic:

  1. Look for the Puma logo: Every Puma shoe has a distinct logo that is either embroidered or printed on the shoe. The logo should be clear, well-defined, and placed in the right position. The logo should also be identical to the one on the official Puma website.
  2. Check the quality of the shoe: Puma shoes are known for their high-quality materials and construction. Check the stitching, glue, and overall build of the shoe. If the shoe looks cheaply made or poorly constructed, it may be a fake.
  3. Check the packaging: Authentic Puma shoes come in a branded box with the Puma logo and other information about the shoe. The box should also have a barcode and other details such as the shoe size, model number, and color.
  1. Look for a label: Authentic Puma shoes have a label inside the shoe that includes information such as the size, model number, and manufacturing location. The label should also be clear and well-defined.
  2. Check the price: If the price of the Puma shoe seems too good to be true, it probably is. Puma shoes are not cheap, and if the price is significantly lower than what you would expect to pay, it may be a fake.


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Additional Information – How To Tell If Your Puma Shoe Is Authentic

How to Know If the Puma Shoes is Original

Buying a pair of authentic puma shoes can be a costly affair. However, if you know how to spot a fake, the entire process will be much easier. You just need to look for certain signs to identify a fake. First of all, the shoe’s logo needs to be in two distinct places. A poorly bonded or misaligned logo can give you the hint that it’s not authentic.

Another sign of a counterfeit is missing or misaligned lettering and logo. Make sure that the printed logo is not glued to the shoe or uncleanly processed. The stitching on the shoe should be parallel and even. Moreover, the leather should be free from rips, tears or other signs of damage. A pair of shoes that has been poorly sewn should be avoided.

Another sign that the shoes are not original is the logo. Genuine puma shoes have the logo in the heel and sole. Those that are not authentic will lack this logo or have it in an unattractive location. In addition, counterfeit puma shoes have a poorly molded logo and a weak, chemically-smelling label. The shoes should also be made from high-quality materials.

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