How To Tell If Your Puma Shoe Is Authentic

Here are some key points on how to tell if your Puma shoe is authentic:

  • Check the label: A label is stuck on the inside of the shoe strap or tongue, on which various information can be found. Googling the serial number, which can be found on the label, can help you verify the authenticity of the shoe. In addition, the serial number must also be found on the shoe box. (source: How to Do Everything)
  • Look at the stitching: Authentic Puma shoes have neat and even stitching, while fake ones may have uneven or sloppy stitching. (source: How to Do Everything)
  • Check the logo: The Puma logo should be clear and well-defined, not blurry or smudged. The logo should also be in the correct position and size. (source: How to Do Everything)
  • Examine the sole: The sole of an authentic Puma shoe will have a good grip and will be made of high-quality rubber. Fake Puma shoes may have a slippery sole or a sole made of cheap materials. (source: How to Do Everything)
  • Look for a warranty: Authentic Puma shoes come with a warranty, and the warranty card should be included in the shoe box. If there is no warranty card, the shoes may be fake. (source: How to Do Everything)

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you are buying authentic Puma shoes.

Additional Information – How To Tell If Your Puma Shoe Is Authentic

How to Know If a Puma is Original

To identify whether the shoe you’re buying is an authentic Puma, you can look for a barcode. This can be found on the box near the price tag, on the tongue of the shoe, and on the inside of the shoe. For men, this code is located on the right side of the shoe, while for women, it can be found on the inside of the tongue. If you can’t locate the barcode, check to see if the product is available online.

Another way to identify a fake Puma shoe is to examine the logo. The authentic logo will be on the heel or the sole, not on the sides. You can spot a counterfeit version by its logo, which is often badly molded or discolored. If you can’t find a Puma logo on a shoe, you can usually tell that it’s not an authentic Puma.

The brand name is on the shoe’s heel and sole. It will be in two places on the shoe, but a counterfeit pair will not have this. The Puma logo is also located on the outside of the shoe. A counterfeit version will not have this logo, as it’s not bonded properly. The last tip to know if a Puma is genuine is to check the reviews online.

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