How To Clean Running Shoes Made Of Puma

Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean running shoes made of Puma:

  1. Remove the shoelaces and insoles: Take out the shoelaces and insoles from your Puma running shoes. This will make it easier to clean them and ensure that they dry properly.
  2. Brush off dirt and debris: Use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove dirt and debris from the surface of your shoes. Be careful not to scrub too hard as this can damage the material.
  3. Clean the uppers: Fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent or Puma shoe cleaner. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water and gently scrub the uppers of your shoes. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the material.
  1. Rinse with clean water: Once you have cleaned the uppers, rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Make sure to remove all soap residue to prevent damage to the material.
  2. Clean the insoles: To clean the insoles, use a soft-bristled brush and a mixture of warm water and vinegar or baking soda. Scrub the insoles gently and rinse with clean water.
  3. Dry the shoes: Stuff your shoes with newspaper or a towel to help them retain their shape while they dry. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or using a dryer as this can damage the material. Allow them to air dry completely before wearing them again.


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How to Clean Puma Running Shoes

There are many methods of how to clean Puma running shoes. It is important to wash them in a way that won’t damage them, but you should also consider cleaning them regularly as well. A mild soap solution and a soft cloth are enough to remove dirt and grease. To remove odors, use a baking soda mixture. This will also help remove dirt and oil. Let the shoe air dry and push the footbed back into the shoe.

Pumas shoes are usually made of suede, but suede requires special cleaning methods. To remove stubborn stains or yellowed soles, you can use a suede brush. But be careful not to use water to clean the leather. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub the soles of leather shoes. To avoid leaving the shoe wet, dry it thoroughly after each use and keep it clean.

If your Pumas are made of suede or nubuck, you can use a brush made of soft fabric to remove stains. It is advisable to dampen the cloth with warm water first and gently brush the shoe. Make sure to allow the shoes to air dry before using the suede brush. You can’t use soap or cleaning agents, because they can damage suede. You should also avoid using abrasives or other materials to remove dirt and stain.

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