How Much Are The Shoes From Rhianna?

Here is an answer with bullet points and sources on the price of the shoes from Rihanna:

  • Rihanna released a line of shoes in collaboration with Puma in 2015. (source: Investopedia)
  • The shoes were called the Puma Creeper and were priced at $120. (source: Investopedia)
  • The Puma Creeper shoes were released in several colorways and sold out quickly. (source: Investopedia)
  • Rihanna also released a line of shoes in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik in 2016. (source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • The shoes were priced between $895 and $3995. (source: Harper’s Bazaar)
  • The Manolo Blahnik collaboration shoes were also released in limited quantities and sold out quickly. (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

So, the shoes from Rihanna’s Puma Creeper line were priced at $120, while the shoes from her Manolo Blahnik collaboration were priced between $895 and $3995.

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Rihanna x Puma Creeper Review

The newest women’s footwear by Rihanna is called The Trainer by Fenty, and it costs $180. It has a chunky tongue, an oversized heel, and a low-cut ankle bone. The laceless slip-on construction and Airprene material are a few of the highlights of these women’s shoes. The laceless design is very comfortable, and the padded leather collar and tongue provide a comfortable fit. The sole is made of Puma’s Ignite foam for added cushioning.

The Puma x Fenty trainers are among the boldest models of this collaboration. They blend sports and casual kick aesthetics, and are made of high-class materials. The two-piece shoes come in black, vanilla ice, and evening blue, and feature the iconic Puma branding. The mid-range Puma by Rihanna shoe is priced at about $125.

Despite the high price, the Rihanna x Puma Creeper is considered a top model of the collection. The leather and velvet materials are both high-class, and the shoe’s design is highly distinctive. It is a top-shelf choice for a special occasion, and its price tag will keep you looking good for weeks. However, if you’re on a budget, then this is probably not the time to buy the Rihanna x Puma shoes.

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