Why Does My Fossil Smartwatch Battery Die So Fast

Here are some possible reasons why your Fossil smartwatch battery may be draining quickly:

  • Auto-brightness being turned off: According to a pickedwatch.com article, disabling auto-brightness can cause more battery life loss since that means maximizing your brightness sometimes which isn’t a good thing for the battery life of your fossil smartwatch.
  • Unnecessary apps or a particular app: Some apps may cause faster battery draining, and some apps may even contain viruses. You can try to identify which app is causing the issue by checking the battery usage of each app. You can also try to uninstall or disable unnecessary apps to see if it helps.
  • Firmware updates: Keeping your Fossil smartwatch updated with the latest firmware can help improve battery life. You can check for updates by going to System, then About and clicking on System Updates.
  • Wear OS app: Make sure the Wear OS by Google app is running in the background. You can also try turning Bluetooth on and off, as suggested by the Fossil Smartwatch User Manual.
  • Hardware: The Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch has a faster chipset, more RAM, and faster-charging batteries compared to the Fossil Gen 5, according to a TechRadar review. However, if you have an older Fossil smartwatch, its battery may simply be worn out and in need of replacement.

It’s worth noting that some battery drain is normal for any smartwatch, especially if you use it frequently or have many apps installed. However, if you notice a significant decrease in battery life, you may want to try some of the above solutions or contact Fossil customer support for further assistance.

Additional Information – Why Does My Fossil Smartwatch Battery Die So Fast

Why Does My Fossil Smartwatch Battery Die So Fast?

You might be wondering why your fossil smartwatch battery dies so quickly. This can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common cause is the use of special features. While you may enjoy the various features of the watch, these features can also consume a lot of battery power. Hence, it is advisable to turn off these features whenever not in use. You can also lower the brightness of the display to reduce the drain. Moreover, make sure that you disable the notifications on your watch.

If your fossil smartwatch is consuming a lot of battery power, you may want to turn off AOD mode. To do so, go to the settings menu, select the display, and toggle the AOD mode to the left. Toggling the auto-brightness setting to the right will disable this function. This should help extend the battery life of your smartwatch. Lastly, try to keep the display as bright as possible.

Another common cause of Fossil smartwatch battery drain is the use of Always On Display mode. If you are using AOD mode, this can significantly increase your smartwatch battery life. It is recommended to disable this feature. However, you may still experience problems with battery performance if you use AOD mode. So, you should turn off AOD mode to prolong the life of your Fossil smartwatch.

Tips to increase the battery life of your Fossil Gen 5 or 6

Fossil smartwatches are well-known for their ability to provide excellent battery life. These are the most popular options: Tilt to Wake – Most users prefer to leave the Tap-to wake feature on and deactivate the Tilt/wake. The watch will not consume power when the wrist moves. Tap-to-wake can be disabled to save energy, while you still get the function. Users find the combination of Always on Display and tap to wake to be more efficient than the alternative of no AOD+ tilt to wake for saving battery. Bluetooth / WiFi – Most people choose to leave the Bluetooth on but disable the Wi-Fi because most functions that require Wi-Fi access can be done on the phone. If you are using apps like Maps, Spotify and Play, Wi-Fi can help improve the speed of your watch’s response. All of these apps work over Bluetooth. The smartwatch can be linked to your smartphone without the need for constant wi-fi. To do this, open the wearOS app and tap on Advanced Settings. You can disable or enable this based on your preferences. This can be disabled or enabled based upon your preference. Notifications – Although most users want to receive their messages on their smartwatches, any notifications that are tied to location data could consume significant power. We noticed an improvement in battery life when we disabled Google Maps notifications through the Wear OS application. You may also view all other apps and deactivate the notifications for any you do not want. These notifications are usually turned on by default. Check for any system updates. All recent system updates should be applied to your watch. To check for any system updates, swipe down to the screen. Scroll down and click on System. Next, click on “About.” Next, tap on ‘About. Monochromatic and minimalistic watch faces tend to use less power. You can also explore the ksana watch faces for Fossil watches. Developer Settings – Use Developer settings to disable animations. It can help with your battery life. These are complex and only someone with a good understanding of the subject should do them. To remove bloat software from your smartwatch, you will need to install ADB.

Camera sync for watch and other devices

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