Is The Pebble Smartwatch Compatible With Windows Phone

Unfortunately, the Pebble smartwatch is not compatible with Windows Phone. Here are some points to explain why:

  • The Pebble smartwatch was designed to work primarily with iOS and Android devices. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and display notifications, control music playback, and more.
  • Although the Pebble smartwatch was initially compatible with Blackberry and Windows Phone devices, the company stopped supporting these platforms in 2015 to focus on iOS and Android.
  • According to the official Pebble support page, “Pebble no longer supports or develops for the Blackberry or Windows Phone platforms.” This means that if you have a Windows Phone device, you won’t be able to use the Pebble smartwatch with it.
  • Some third-party developers have created apps that allow you to use the Pebble smartwatch with Windows Phone, but these apps are not officially supported by Pebble and may not work as well as they would on iOS or Android.
  • If you’re looking for a smartwatch that is compatible with Windows Phone, you might want to consider the Microsoft Band 2 or the Vector Luna. These devices were designed specifically to work with Windows Phone and offer similar features to the Pebble smartwatch.


Additional Information – Is The Pebble Smartwatch Compatible With Windows Phone

Is the Pebble Smartwatch Compatible With Windows Phone?

One of the main questions that plague smartwatch users is: Is the Pebble smartwatch compatible with Windows phone? While it works on all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows), the Pebble seems to be best suited to Android users. Currently, there is no smartwatch that works with Windows phone. That’s a problem, but it’s not a huge deal. The company is working on it.

The Pebble Agent is a Windows phone compatible smartwatch that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with smartphones. It’s similar to the Pebble but connects to your phone through Bluetooth 4.0, which pulls notifications in real-time. It boasts a battery life of seven days when used heavily, or up to 30 days with just the watchface on. And, yes, it’s compatible with QI wireless charging, so you can charge your watch without a cord. There are premium models that include a charging pad.

In addition to Pebble Time, there’s the Agent Smartwatch, a Windows 10 compatible smartwatch. It looks like a Pebble, but uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with your phone. When connected to your phone, the Agent Smartwatch pulls notifications in real-time. Its battery lasts seven days when in use, and up to 30 days when used only for the watchface. The watch supports QI wireless charging and comes with a charging pad.

What Smartwatch is best for Windows Phones?

I prefer Windows phone models with the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Blaze. This is because Fitbit is an established brand, just like Apple and Samsung. It’s up to you. Each watch comes with different features, so choose the one that suits your needs.

How to sync your Pebble watch with Windows Phones

The official Pebble app is not required to pair the watch-worn device with your smartphone. Although the $150 smartwatch is currently only compatible with Android and iOS, Windows Phone users can still use it with their device today by downloading a third-party application. Pebble Watch Pro Pro costs $1.99 and delivers text, Twitter notifications, Facebook notifications, email, calls, texts, and other information directly to your Windows Phone. This is a brief guide to help you get started. To search for Pebble Watch Pro, tap the Windows Store Live Tile from your Windows Phone’s screen. To purchase the app, tap the Buy button. Once the app is installed successfully, open it. If you don’t have Bluetooth turned on, the app will ask you. Select your Pebble to be added to the Bluetooth device list. Your Pebble will then send you a pairing request. When this happens, press the Accept button on your watch. Scroll through the Settings menu to select the notifications that you would like. This menu includes Twitter, Facebook, and General notifications. Tap the gear icon near the bottom. You can test your watch by clicking the lightbulb icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you can test your smartwatch by pressing the lightbulb icon at the bottom of screen.

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