Where To Find Old Puma Models

Here are some sources and information on where to find old Puma models:

  • Puma’s official website: Puma’s website is a great place to start looking for old Puma models. They often have a section for “retro” or “classics” where you can find older styles.
  • Online marketplaces: Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Depop are great places to find vintage Puma sneakers. Many sellers specialize in vintage or rare sneakers and may have older Puma models available.
  • Sneaker resellers: There are many sneaker resellers online that specialize in vintage or rare sneakers. Some popular resellers include Flight Club, Stadium Goods, and GOAT.
  • Vintage clothing stores: Some vintage clothing stores may also carry old Puma models. It’s worth checking out local vintage stores or searching online for vintage clothing retailers.
  • Thrift stores: Thrift stores can be hit or miss, but they’re worth checking out if you’re looking for older Puma models. You may be able to find a hidden gem for a great price.


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Where to Get Old Models of Puma Shoes

You can get vintage Puma sneakers by looking for them online. These brands pay attention to details, and this includes the design of the sole. If you’d like to own a pair of shoes that are decades old, these are the best place to find them. There are several options available, including online auction sites. Here are a few: All-Star Collection, The Classic Collection, and the Retro Collection.

A Puma Clyde is an iconic shoe that’s been worn by famous sports stars like Diego Maradona and Boris Becker. It’s a classic basketball shoe, designed by Walter “Clyde” Frazier. In addition to the Clyde, Puma has also taken its models to the next level. The disc system was first released in 1991, and in 1996, the company released the “Cell” midsole. These are said to be the first foam-free midsoles. They are now incorporated into many of their newer models.

There are many options for affordable vintage Puma sneakers. The classic versions of these shoes can be bought for just $55 to $120. You can also purchase collaboration Puma sneakers, which are slightly more expensive than the regular versions. However, make sure you check sizing charts and user reviews before making a purchase. You can also find vintage Puma shoes online. But be prepared to search online for vintage Puma sneakers.

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