What Percent Of The Puma Shoe Sales Is Basketball Shoes?

Here is the answer to your question:

  • In 2017, basketball shoe sales made up approximately 27% of Puma’s total footwear sales. This indicates that Puma is a significant player in the basketball shoe market, and its shoes are popular among basketball players and fans alike. (source: Basha Bears Basketball)
  • Puma has been focusing on basketball shoes and retail stores to boost its growth. In 2018, Puma re-entered the U.S. basketball market dominated by Nike and Adidas. (source: CNBC)
  • In 2022, footwear sales accounted for 51% of Puma’s sales, with basketball shoes being a part of this segment. (source: Statista)

Therefore, approximately 27% of Puma’s total footwear sales are basketball shoes.

Additional Information – What Percent Of The Puma Shoe Sales Is Basketball Shoes?

What Percent of Puma Footwear Sales Are Basketball Shoes?

Puma’s recent resurgence in the sport of basketball is one of the company’s most promising moves yet. This year, the German company is focusing its marketing efforts on sports as well as fashion, as well as expanding in China and the United States. While the brand’s performance products still dominate the sports footwear market, it has moved away from the original sport to diversify into other categories.

In an attempt to break through, Puma is partnering with a number of celebrities, including hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. In a recent partnership, the company is promoting basketball shoes in Asia, where they have previously struggled to gain traction. The new partnerships have helped Puma get its name and brand back in front of the world’s sports-wear market.

While Puma has long been a mainstay of the NBA, the company has entered the market in a big way in recent years, with the signing of LaMelo and the Big Baller Brand by its founder LaVar Ball. Other smaller brands have struggled to survive, and their recent signings have done little to keep them relevant. The Belgian brand AND1 made a splash with signings, but now its owner, Fred VanVleet, is moving on to a Chinese sportswear company, Li-Ning. FILA, meanwhile, tried to partner with the journeyman DJ Augustin but eventually dropped out of the league.

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