What Country Makes Puma Shoes?

What Country Makes Puma Shoes?

Where Puma Sports Shoes Are Made

People are often curious about where Puma sports shoes are made. This is a good question. The company is smaller than rivals Adidas and Nike, so it won’t be so easy to pull all their production out of China. However, China is still a big market for Puma, and keeping its production local will help them keep pace with this growth. About a third of the footwear and apparel that Puma makes are produced in China. The rest of the company’s products are produced in five or six other countries. Although the price of labor in China has risen sharply, the amount of materials has dropped significantly.

In 1924, Rudolf Dassler started the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, which was the first company to produce sports shoes. The factory was originally located in his mother’s laundry room, and was powered by pedal power from a stationary bicycle. In 1927, Puma moved into a separate building. It sponsored world-class athletes such as John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

The company also made its first cat-themed shoes. This was a response to the racism that was happening at that time. The cat logo was introduced to Puma’s sneakers. In 1968, Tommie Smith, winner of the Olympic Gold medal in the 200 m, wore his Puma running shoes barefoot. The iconic Black Power salute was a direct response to the mistreatment of African Americans. The shoes were later sold at a Paris auction for a record $100 million.

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