How To Know If Your Puma Shoes Is Original

Here are some ways to identify if Puma shoes are original or fake:

  • Check the label: Look for a serial number on the label and the shoebox. The serial number on the label should match the one on the box. The label should also have a shiny stripe on the left edge, and the Puma logo should be clear and well-defined. (source: How to DIY Everything)
  • Google the serial number: Googling the serial number can help you verify if the product is genuine. You should see the corresponding product displayed as a result. (source: How to DIY Everything)
  • Check the manufacturing date: Look for the manufacturing date on the label or box. The manufacturing date should be printed on the label, and it should match the one on the box. (source: YouTube)
  • Check the quality: Puma shoes are known for their high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Look for signs of poor quality, such as loose stitching, uneven seams, and low-quality materials. (source: How to DIY Everything)
  • Buy from an authorized retailer: To ensure that you are buying genuine Puma shoes, buy from an authorized retailer. You can find a list of authorized retailers on the Puma website. (source: How to DIY Everything)

Remember that these are just some ways to identify if Puma shoes are original or fake. If you have any doubts, it’s always best to buy from an authorized retailer or contact Puma customer service for assistance.

Additional Information – How To Know If Your Puma Shoes Is Original

How to Know If Your Puma Shoes is Original

Buying puma shoes is an expensive affair. Many people opt to buy them from the brand’s official website instead of buying them from a local store. However, it is important to note that a pair of Puma shoes can easily wear out. This is why you should know how to check if your pair of Puma shoes is genuine. You should always check the barcodes on your shoes.

The logo on a Puma shoe is always present. If the logo is absent or is not of high quality, the shoe is not original. Another way to tell if your pair of Puma shoes is if they are missing the lettering or the logo. If the lettering is printed in an unprofessional manner or if the printing is not neat, it’s a fake. Furthermore, original Puma shoes are always sewn with parallel seams and a precise distance between stitches. If the stitching is uneven or if it is not in good shape, it’s a fake.

A genuine pair of Puma shoes will be labelled as a “FI product” – this is because the company uses high-quality materials to create their shoes. Unless the label indicates that a shoe has been made by a reputable designer, it is probably fake. You should also check for other obvious signs of fakeness. The brand’s official website offers a large range of styles and colours for you to choose from. If you’re not sure if a shoe is genuine, it’s a good idea to visit a reputable sneaker store.

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