How To Clean Puma Mesh Shoes

Here are some ways to clean Puma mesh shoes:

  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water: Mix equal parts vinegar and water, and apply the mixture to a cloth. Then, use the cloth to clean the shoes. Be sure to wipe in a circular motion, as this will help to remove any stains. (source: Sneakersopedia)
  • Use a mesh bag and wash them in the washer: After removing the stain, you can put your mesh shoes in a mesh bag and clean them in the washer. You can also clean them in a basin or in the sink under running water. If you decide to clean your mesh shoes manually, you should do it with the recommended soap or cleaning product and use a soft fiber cloth. (source: Shoes-FAQ)
  • Use dish detergent and warm water: Pour warm water into a bowl—no more than halfway to give yourself room to dip your rag—and add your dish detergent. Gently stir the detergent in with a spoon to ensure even consistency. Be sure the consistency of your cleaning solution is slightly soapy without being overly sticky or frothy. (source: wikiHow)

Remember to always test any cleaning solution on a small area of the shoe first to make sure it does not damage the material.

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How to Wash Puma Mesh Soft Foam Sneakers

To keep your puma shoes looking their best, you should learn how to wash puma mesh soft foam sneakers. You should also avoid getting them wet if you can. To prevent this, use a dry cloth to clean the uppers and soles. For the most effective results, use a dishcloth or a washcloth with gentle soap. Do not soak the shoes under running water, as this could damage the materials in the shoes.

When washing your mesh soft foam shoes, it is important to use the correct cleaning agents. For example, a mild detergent should be used, while a gentle brush should be used to scrub the laces. You should also use a brush that is made for suede. To clean suede, it is best to use a suede brush, which should push the fibers in the direction of the suede.

After washing your pumas, you should let them dry in a well-ventilated place and avoid sunlight. Make sure to squeeze them gently to remove excess water. Be careful not to use excessive heat since this may cause the materials to break down. Afterwards, you should avoid using a clothes dryer. It is recommended to remove the mesh shoes when they are wet, as it can ruin the appearance of the shoe.

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