How To Care For Puma Suede Sneakers

Here are some tips on how to care for Puma Suede sneakers:

  1. Protect your Puma Suede sneakers from water and stains by using a suede protector spray. Spray the Sneaker Protector solution directly onto the upper and midsole of your new kicks, allow the solution to soak in before adding another layer and leaving to dry overnight. (source: Sneaker LAB)
  2. Clean any dirt off your Puma Suede sneakers with a damp cloth and mild detergent or specialist leather cleaner. Wipe dry and stuff your shoes with paper or a dry towel while the leather dries, so they don’t lose their shape. (source: Puma)
  3. Use a brush specifically designed for suede to keep the outside surface of your Puma Suede sneakers clean. Do not get them wet. (source: Puma)
  1. If your Puma Suede sneakers get wet, stuff them with paper or a dry towel and let them dry naturally. Do not use a heat source to dry them as it may damage the suede. (source: WikiHow)

It’s important to note that suede is a delicate material, so it’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on your Puma Suede sneakers. By following these tips, you can keep your Puma Suede sneakers looking clean and fresh for longer.

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How to Take Care of Puma Suede Shoes

If you want to keep your Pumas in top condition, you should learn how to properly care for suede shoes. To maintain your new pair of Pumas, you should remove the laces and insert a shoe tree or a newspaper inside the shoe. Then, apply a suede cleaner using a soft brush. After cleaning the shoes, clean the brush and put it to use to brush the nap back into place.

Before wearing your Pumas, you should let them dry naturally. To do this, place them in a place that has natural ventilation and avoid direct sunlight. Squeeze gently to check that the shoes are dry. Never use hot water to clean your Pumas, as this will damage the materials in the shoes. To take care of your Pumas, visit the Puma website and design your shoes online. Then, leave the design in the factory for the best results.

If you wish to clean your Pumas, you should use a gentle soap to remove grease and dirt. You can use a mild dish detergent or a gentle hand soap to clean the dirt from your shoes. To remove the dirt, scrub the shoe with the damp cloth in a circular motion, avoiding contact with water. Do not soak the shoe with water, as it may cause other materials in the shoes to be damaged.

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