How Do I Know If My Puma Shoes Are Original?

Here are some tips to help you determine if your Puma shoes are original or not:

  1. Check the packaging: Original Puma shoes come in a branded box with the Puma logo and other details printed on it. The box should also have a barcode, a size label, and a product code. (source: Puma)
  2. Inspect the shoes carefully: Original Puma shoes are made with high-quality materials and have excellent craftsmanship. Check for any signs of poor quality, such as loose threads, uneven stitching, or glue marks. Also, check the logo, which should be clear and well-defined. (source: Puma)
  3. Look for the Puma cat logo: The Puma cat logo should be present on the shoes, either printed or embroidered. The logo should be clear and well-defined, not blurry or smudged. (source: Puma)
  1. Check the sole: Original Puma shoes have a sturdy sole that is made of high-quality rubber. The sole should be flexible but not flimsy. Also, check the tread pattern, which should be uniform and well-defined. (source: Puma)
  2. Verify the seller: Buy from an authorized Puma retailer or the official Puma website to ensure that you are getting an original product. Avoid buying from unauthorized sellers or third-party websites, as they may sell counterfeit products. (source: Puma)

Remember, if you are still unsure whether your Puma shoes are original or not, you can always contact Puma customer service for assistance.

Additional Information – How Do I Know If My Puma Shoes Are Original?

How Do I Know If My Puma Shoes Are Original?

The first way to determine whether or not a pair of Puma shoes is authentic is by looking at the brand logo. The brand logo is printed at two different places on a pair of Puma shoes. If the logo is crooked, misshapen, or poorly bonded, it’s most likely a fake. A pair of authentic Puma shoes should have the same color as its label.

You can also look at the logo on the heel and the sole of the shoe. A genuine Puma logo is always molded on the sole and heel. A fake logo will be printed on the heel or the front but not bonded to the shoe. The logo on a fake pair will be poorly aligned or misaligned. The label will also be missing. Purchasing a Puma pair from a legitimate website will ensure that you have the genuine article.

Another way to distinguish between a fake and an authentic Puma shoe is by looking for the logo. A real Puma shoe will have the logo molded on the sole and heel, while a counterfeit will have a logo printed on the sole and heel. When purchasing a Puma pair, be sure to look for the molded logo on the heel or the sole of the shoe.

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